Japanese Go game in Serbia

Game with  sensei
My game with Matsumura-sensei, photo by Aya-san.

The seminar on Go
The seminar on Go in new hall Russian Go and Strategy School.

Important thing for Go
Japanese gift, fan with go problem, photo by Aya-san.

Go in the national park
Yoshiteru Matsumura vs Igor Grishin

Svetlana Vakhitova, manager Go Federation (Moscow, Russia)

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Nine Elegant Solutions on Amazon

Les Waller plays Go game with his business partner.

Les Waller plays Go game with his business partner.

 The primary audience for this book is managers and students of business who want to expand their knowledge by looking at alternative solutions to important problems that they will encounter at strategic points in the growth of their company against their competition.

“Wise reading for policymakers, executives, entrepreneurs—anyone who seeks to survive and thrive in the crucible that is competition.” — Kirkus Review

 Purchase your paperback copy here:


 or purchase your Kindle version here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0989809404

 Les Waller, the editor of the book “The Martial Art of Strategy. Russian Style. Nine Elegant Solutions”.

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Russians on the London Open Go Congress

This year Tim Arsenov took part in London OGC like last year. He won 5 games, playing as 4k and reached a semi-final in rapid tournament.

London Open Go Congress

There were not so many people as previous tournament. But Tim played some very interesting games.

When we visited The British Museum, we found a rare stones for unknown board game, which are very similar to ancient Go game stones from China.

ancient board game stones, maybe for Go?

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BadukMovies, weekly screencast

badukmoviesIn March 2012 Peter Brouwer 6D and Kim Ouweleen 4D (NL) set up a website: http://www.badukmovies.com. So far they have published more than 30 baduk videos. Every Monday they publish a new episode. The videos are short, about 10 minutes, and cover all kinds of topics: josekis, fuseki, professional players, tesujis, trick plays etc. There is even bonus material, they collect beautiful moves of professionals in their “Baduk Gems” section. What’s more, you can download or browse through their extensive collection of over 48.000 pro games. Definitely worth a look!

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Go board for Bill Gates

Few questions from the future interview in Goama magazine with Hirotaka Kuroki, the manager of the biggest company in Japan, creating Go equipment (gobans, stones, bowls, etc)

Hirotaka Kuroki

Hirotaka Kuroki

What was the most expensive goban, sold by your company? Who bought it?

In my experience, Hyuga Kaya Masame board, 6.5-sun (19.6cm thick) priced at 20 million JPY (US$ 250,000) was the most expensive one, purchased by a president of Japanese real estate company.

Do you know other cases, when goban was used as a present for famous politician, except Obama-Hu story?

In old days, there was a Japanese custom that local government officials often delivered valuable gifts to central government officials or Congress persons, such as high quality Go board and stones for the purpose to get more budget for local government, but it is illegal activities and strictly prohibited now. Microsoft CEO Bill Gates came over to Japan several years ago to give a lecture at a university. At that time, he was granted a set of Hyuga Kaya Go board and clamshell stones as a token of gratitude. He was so happy to receive it because he enjoyed playing Go game when he was a university student.

What do you think about Go bowls and stones, created by Igor Grishin from mammoth ivory and rhino horn.

The rarity of this material make this item valuable, I think, but they do not function as Go bowls since they have no lid to put other player’s Go stones. The price and value will be determined by the supplier and customer. Long time ago, I have made Go stones from elephant ivory. Today the Washington Treat prohibits its use so we can no longer make it. If it is possible to make thick Go stones from mammoth ivory, I want to try one more time.

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Chin-San Qualification at Moscow Education On-line

Department for Go and Strategy holds an assessment using Chin-San system in Holiday Inn Sokolniki.

MOSCOW Education Online 2011 Exhibitionvisitors may pass the test composed of the most ancient Chinese games those lived so far.

The problems are composed by the staff of the Russian school for Go and Strategy. We invite you to go through the assessment and have a certificate of the game knowledge.



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Presentation of Go and Strategy Dep. for the USA investors

Russian school of Go and Strategy takes part in the conference named “Techcrunch Disrupt-2011″ in San-Francisco. This is the main event of the year for the business startup companies working in the sphere of innovation technologies. Investors and the best startups from all over the world came together at this conference. Our school at the conference is represented by its head Igor Grishin.

We have managed to contact with him in the USA and to hear of his impressions after the first day of conference:

“We have placed the tables of Russian school of Go and Strategy with the playing boards and gobangs of different dimensions in the most visited zone of  DISRUPT-2011 exhibition. Afro-american employees of our partner MegaCampus are ready to train playing Go each visitor or potential investor.

During the preparation for DISRUPT-2011 EXPO, MegaCampus team visited the US National Monument Muir Woods. This ancient and dreamy forest of giant trees creates a very deep and powerful impression. Playing Go under these giants is a special feeling not to be compared to anything else. We were literally saturated with striking energy. It went through our spines and disappeared in the sky where the tops of the sequoias and redwoods were pointing.”

Participation in the exhibition is only a part of the program. Igor Grishin plans to visit a number of large USA Universities in order to learn the different aspects of the scientific and educational work there. Moreover he is going to establish a partnership between those Universities and a Go and Strategy Dep. at the Synergy University.


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Live Go in Ruyan

guests of the festival as Go game stones

This game was played during Go game festival in Ruyan (Siberia, Ob river)

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Festival of Go started in Ruyan

the first round: Alsu vs Georgiy

A Festival of Go opens today on the bank of the Ob River. This festival will take place in Ruyan, a city projected by “Expedition” company. It will extend for four days. There are a lot of events planned in the festival programme, the main of which is a Tournament of Cities. Five ladies and five men have been selected by the Organizing Committee to participate in the festival. These participants are from different cities – Kazan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Rostov, and even from Sevastopol.

all our team

The idea of Tournament belongs to Igor Grishin, a president of Go Federation in Russia. Hopefully this tournament will become regular and new cities will join it.

camp of the festival and tournament place

The festival of Go is a part of a big Ruyan festival organized by “Expedition”. So more than 300 people will come together on the bank of the Siberian river.

Ruslan Dmitriev (6D), champion of Russia vs champion of Guandou province (China)

The Go-program will not be limited by a tournament, but also will contain a master-class on Strategic Go given by Igor Grishin. Also the participants of the tournament will train everybody who is interested in game of Go.

lesson for guests of the festival

We express gratitude to the members of “Expedition” company for their help in organizing of Festival of Go in Ruyan.

Igor Grishin's workshop about developin Go in russian regions

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Little story about 33rd Quebec Open by Dmitry Shorikov

Hello, I am Dima. This is my story about the 33rd Quebec Open which hold in Montreal in 4-5 of June 2011. I participated in that tournament and as a result I won 4 of the 6 my games. I really enjoyed playing and talking this all interesting people who also came there. I hope I’ll have a chance to come there again…
Thanks to all audience for watching and listening.

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