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BadukMovies, weekly screencast

badukmoviesIn March 2012 Peter Brouwer 6D and Kim Ouweleen 4D (NL) set up a website: So far they have published more than 30 baduk videos. Every Monday they publish a new episode. The videos are short, about 10 minutes, and cover all kinds of topics: josekis, fuseki, professional players, tesujis, trick plays etc. There is even bonus material, they collect beautiful moves of professionals in their “Baduk Gems” section. What’s more, you can download or browse through their extensive collection of over 48.000 pro games. Definitely worth a look!

Links: the popular news of the blog “Go Game in Russia”

Links: the most popular news of the blog “Go Game in Russia”

Go Game Presentation for Russian businessmen

The Manifest of The Go Federation

Go Game in Russia in photos

Children Go Championship in Moscow 2005

1-st All-Russian Go Clubs Festival “The Point of Rise”

Igor Grishin, the President of The Go Federation, visited some regions of Russia

Go Game, the Volga and sands, Chuvashia, Russia, summer 2005

A Go Festival was held in Moscow

The tournament «MASTER GO» on KGS


The final match of the 1st Russian Professional Go Championship

The first photos from Russian Go Championship 2005

Bogatsky vs Dinerchtein. The game from Russian Go Championship

Large Master Go Tournament

All-Russian open Go championship under 18

Accommodation on All-Russian Children Championship on the 25-26th of March

The Go Federation intro

A big Strategic Go Seminar was held by The Go Federation

Go at 9-th Open Wushu Festival

Congratulations on the 8th of March


Alexandre Dinerchtein took the 2nd place at the Ing Cup

The visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to China was at the same time with the visit of the President of The Go Federation Igor Grishin to China

All-Russian children Go Championship 2006 Moscow-Rostov

The highest level of Go Game style!

“GOAMA”, International Go Newsletter

The initial sense of Go Game

First Russian Go-Book for beginners is published

Mr. Chun, the master of Baduk in Russia

The 9-th of May

The chief World Citizen Tribunal – WOCIT – Mr Kaneko Rikio visited The Go Federation

The Federal Inspector from Administration of President of Russia Dmitry Donskov visited the children Go club of The Go Federation

Russian Style of Go

We are going to the Go-camp at the Krimeria mountains

The list of websites about Go game

“Russian Way of Go” in English

Go step by step with “Voskhojdenie”


Yi from Go Master

The art of commenting games

The last photos from European Youth Goe Championship 2007 – EYGC 2007, Zandvoort, Netherlands

The bearing while playing table-games

Impressions from the EYGC 2007 with the eyes of a Russian Go teacher

I’ll try to state my thoughts about the meaning of the Go for modern Russia

How to solve the problems of Japanese Go? by A. Dinerchtein

Igor Grishin for the Bulgarian Go Association. Go in Bulgaria – Russian Opinion

European Go Congress 2007

The Summer Go Festival in Moscow

List of the Russian Internet sites concerning Go game

Igor Grishin: Timur, let’s give a list of the Internet sites, that can be useful for beginners and strong players or will help them to find answers to the questions we haven’t looked through here.

Timur Saitov: Ok, here are some websites in Russian:

The game of Go for beginners
Russian Go portal
Go Forum
Go in Korea
FAQ on the game of Go
Go teaches us to see
Go Federation News
Classic Go in Diagrams
Images of Go
Go kindergarten
Dances on Goban
Jokes from the Master of Go
The Go Federation
Snail slowly climb up the hill of stones
the game of Go and Tea club where you can play the game

Wish you all the best success in mastering the wisdom of the game of Go. Wish you success in the path of Go.

Go-explanations :)

“I remember hearing a story about a man explaining what go is to another man at the tournament.

The man listened than stopped him and said, “I see, it’s like football!”

The narrator paused and said “…yes!”


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