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BadukMovies, weekly screencast

badukmoviesIn March 2012 Peter Brouwer 6D and Kim Ouweleen 4D (NL) set up a website: So far they have published more than 30 baduk videos. Every Monday they publish a new episode. The videos are short, about 10 minutes, and cover all kinds of topics: josekis, fuseki, professional players, tesujis, trick plays etc. There is even bonus material, they collect beautiful moves of professionals in their “Baduk Gems” section. What’s more, you can download or browse through their extensive collection of over 48.000 pro games. Definitely worth a look!

Andrey Goryachkin at the High Seoul World Businessmen Baduk Fair

Andrey Goryachkin, the Vice-President of The Go Federation, took part in 2008 High Seoul World Businessmen Baduk Fair.

Businessmen Go tournament in Seoul. Andrey Goryachkin, the Vice-President of The Go Federation, took part in 2008 High Seoul World Businessmen Baduk Fair

Mr. Chun, the master of Baduk, in Russia

Mr. Chun is a 8 pro dan Baduk from Sourth Korea.

Go Game, Mr Chun, 8 pro dan from Korea, on Russian tournament

He contributed a lot to Go development in Russia.

Mr. Chun often came to Russia and taught Russians how to organize tournaments, to teach children, and how to play Go.

I met Master Chun in Kazan during a tournament for children, organized by him and his friend. Mr. Chun spent a lot of time with children, he reviewed their games and taught them how to play Go.

Thanks for Mr. Chun, Alexandre Dinerchtein and Svetlana Shikshina went to Korea to study Go. And now both of them have 1 pro dan.

All Go fans from Russia say “Thanks a lot!” for Mr. Chun.

You can also find exclusive early Russian Go photos at the Go Game Gallery

Congratulations on the 8th of March Day

The Go Federation congratulates all women on the 8-th of March Day! We wish you a lot of happiness, love and Go victories!

Go and women in Russia

Strategic Go workshop in Hurgada 2006

A big Strategic Go workshop for Faberlic company staff was held in Hurgada (Egypt) by Go Masters Igor Grishin and Mikhail Emelyanov.

Go seminar

Photos from Strategic Go seminar

the Large Master Go Tournament

The Go Federation (Moscow, Russia) is glad to announce the 2nd Master Go Tournament – “LARGE MASTER GO”.
The main sponsor of the tournament is Mr. Igor Grishin, the president of Go Federation.
The tournament will take place on KGS (in “Master” room (Rooms list- Lessons-Master) )

The schedule:
1st round – January, 14 (Saturday) 5 PM GMT (20.00 Moscow time)
2nd round – January, 15 (Sunday) 5 PM GMT (20.00 Moscow time)
3rd round – January, 21 (Saturday) 5 PM GMT (20.00 Moscow time)
4th round – January, 22 (Sunday) 5 PM GMT (20.00 Moscow time)
Play-off preliminary matches – January, 28 (Saturday) 5 PM GMT (20.00 Moscow time)
Play-off final matches – January, 29 (Sunday) 5 PM GMT (20.00 Moscow time)

McMahon system for rounds 1-4.
The final standings will be decided by play-off system. Number 1 will play #4 and #2 will meet #3. The winners will meet each other in the final match for the 1st place. The game for the 3rd place will be played as well.
Time control is 1-hour basic time per person + 45 sec/ 5 times overtime (byoyomi). The referee is “Am” (Rustam Sahabutdinov), 6-dan from Russia.
The prizes are:
1st place -$200
2nd place -$120
3rd place -$80
4th place-$50
We set special prizes for the best female, senior and junior players.
Everyone is welcome to take part in the tournament regardless of their nationality or grade!
The 1st Master Go tournament gathered more than 40 participants all over the world from 1p to 20 kyu and was won by “breakfast” (Alexandre Dinerchtein) from Russia.
Please visit our site, if you wish to register: on Master Go tournament’s site
Enjoy the tournament!

More information at the International Go forum

Go is everywhere

Go in Russia for people.











We in Manga!!!


Go & girls


The Go festival

The Go festival was held in Moscow on December, 3. It gathered more than 30 go-fans. The festival took place at Moscow Taiqi-Go Club “The Middle way”. You can find some photos here:

Go Gallery

Mikhail Povalyaev 3d, the vice-president of The Go Federation, plays on 17 boards

The Russian Martial arts tournament (Kyokushin karate)

Our good friends from Russian Karate Association held a big tournament on November, 26.

More than 1000 fans observed it on the Moscow stadium.

Girl 1d is going to crush wood bars

The most interesting games from the “Master Go” tournament

Here you can find the most interesting games from the “Master Go” tournament – Master Go site.