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sword — копия

Fencing nowdays is not a daily practice
It is moved to the sports sphere
But if you return fencing to your daily work-out
You will be amazed how effective it is
Fencing develops full body
But apart from the body it develops us
Our look becomes different
Our vision becomes three-dimensional
Our movements become coordinated
Our attention becomes perfect
In fencing a weapon leads a person
We learn from a weapon
Its piercing
Its metal
Its accuracy
This makes us different
More mobile
More sensitive
More elegant

Be like water (Gym + music)

In the morning our body is a liitle stiff
This set of exercises lasts 8 minutes
Do it with me until the end of the complex
Gradually you can feel the softening
Then you will feel something moving inside you
and even pouring
Include all parts of the body in this state
Stand firmly so as not to fall
But the feet can also be softened
At the end of the complex feel yourself under a waterfall
This waterfall is Qi energy
Energy like water flows down yor body
Connect with it
Be like water!

I want to live on!


The full-body exercises for any age
No matter how old you are
Old man or child
Decide for yourself what motivates you to move
It could be anything
The main thing is to motivate yourself
Let your whole body participate in the movement
Let yourself to feel the music
Let yourself to dance
let the body warm up
Then your body will tell you
«I want to live on!»
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