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Nine Elegant Solutions on Amazon

 The primary audience for this book is managers and students of business who want to expand their knowledge by looking at alternative solutions to important problems that they will encounter at strategic points in the growth of their company against … Continue reading

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Russians on the London Open Go Congress

This year Tim Arsenov took part in London OGC like last year. He won 5 games, playing as 4k and reached a semi-final in rapid tournament. There were not so many people as previous tournament. But Tim played some very … Continue reading

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Chin-San Qualification at Moscow Education On-line

Department for Go and Strategy holds an assessment using Chin-San system in Holiday Inn Sokolniki. MOSCOW Education Online 2011 Exhibitionvisitors may pass the test composed of the most ancient Chinese games those lived so far. The problems are composed by … Continue reading

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Presentation of Go and Strategy Dep. for the USA investors

Russian school of Go and Strategy takes part in the conference named “Techcrunch Disrupt-2011″ in San-Francisco. This is the main event of the year for the business startup companies working in the sphere of innovation technologies. Investors and the best … Continue reading

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Live Go in Ruyan

This game was played during Go game festival in Ruyan (Siberia, Ob river)

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Festival of Go started in Ruyan

A Festival of Go opens today on the bank of the Ob River. This festival will take place in Ruyan, a city projected by “Expedition” company. It will extend for four days. There are a lot of events planned in … Continue reading

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Little story about 33rd Quebec Open by Dmitry Shorikov

Hello, I am Dima. This is my story about the 33rd Quebec Open which hold in Montreal in 4-5 of June 2011. I participated in that tournament and as a result I won 4 of the 6 my games. I … Continue reading

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Go and Strategy Department in Moscow

The 9-th of May 2011 Go and Strategy dep. was opened in Moscow University of Industry and Finance (MFPA). It is the first official department about Go in russian education system. MFPA blog here: Photos from opening ceremony in Facebook:

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