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The Fall Trip towards Death

The Fall Trip towards Death

One of the Goe Masters had two best apprentices. Both of them paid him highly. They were accepted as it was known that they needed just this. When the Miraculous started, one of them tried to run hard forgetting about all and everything. The other one wanted to walk away. And then they even allied… allied against the Miraculous.

Or let’s take a book in edition of five thousand copies. It could be written so that only two persons could read it. Five thousands people have bought the book and only two of them have read it. If your intention to take a trip in search of Miraculous is serious it makes sense to continue the trip with the author. If your goals differ, well, thanks for buying the book as without you it wouldn’t have been published and sold. And those two, who really need it, wouldn’t have read it.

What is Goe for us in fall? What is our spirit? In fall propitious is the state of an intentional inclination to the charm of the world and the secret that is revealing. Or have I forgotten… and we are going to put somebody’s stones in our bosom? Or Goe is generally about stones and the laws of “how to ‘win’ somebody’s stones”?

A trip is the star light. And the fall is the beginning of a trip, a new trip. The fall trip is a trip towards death, towards knowledge. Let’s set together before it starts.

On the shore of Fall there is a new expedition. A camp… Somebody’s packing belongings, somebody’s joking, somebody’s thinking, somebody’s wasting money. But all of them are preparing for the trip.

The trip is a new school year where either secrets (if we are going for Miraculous) or the same old routine is waiting for us. Since only Secret is a new. Unless we are going to Miraculous, our trip is to the realm of vanity.

Our fall camp is located on a river bank and there are two directions. Somebody could say ‘up-stream and down-stream’, and someone could say in other words. But two paths can be seen there. I’d like to share this mood with the readers of the newsletter and I’ll be very glad if a slight echo answers and someone says “That’s right! There is such camp, and expedition and fall!” And let it be our heartfelt call-over before the new trip. A call-over for those who understands what it is written about.
Fall is the very place that is the closest to your heart as it is not you who starts the fall. If you started you would prolong the summer. Your summer… Fall is like a stone of blacks in your left lower corner. The black stone comes there faster than our one. And we start our journey with this stone. We’ll see each other in the golden palace of Fall, my friends!