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Bogatsky vs Dinerchtein. The Game from Russian Go Championship

Here you can see the first 81 moves of this. The whole game will appear later.

Bogatsky – black, Dinerchtein – white

time: 2 hours+ 10 min/20moves

komi 6,5 points.

Bogatsky won by 5,5 points.

Download SGF

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Game commentary of this game and some other games from the tournament are available on:

Russian Go Championship 2005

Here are the photos and results from Russian Go Championship 2005

Dmitry Bogatsky - left, Alexander Dinershtein - right; Tatyana Grishina - Irina Shimanskaya; Efim Ostrovsky - Aleksey Nechaev

Hall of Professionals - Bogatsky - Dinershtein

Winner Bogatsky - left

More photos at the Go Gallery

Winner of the Hall of professionals – Dmitry Bogatsky.
Winner of the Hall of female Go – Tatyana Grishina.
Winner of the Hall of Masters of strategy – Efim Ostrovsky.
Winner of the Hall of Teachers and instructors – Igor Grishin.
Winner of the Hall of Go amateurs – Ruslan Dmitriev.

The Championship was held at “Dzungo” restaurant, Moscow 17.12.2005.

The final match of the 1-st Russian Professional Go Championship

The final match of the 1st Russian Professional Go Championship.
Alexandre Dinerchtein vs Dmitrij Bogatskij
December, 17, Russia, Moscow, Dzungo Chinese restaurant.

About the players:
Alexandre Dinerchtein
1-dan professional of Hankuk Kiwon (Korean Go Association)
European champion -1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Alexandre Dinerchtein

Dmitrij Bogatskij
6-dan amateur, former Japanese insei, European junior Champion
1997 and 1998, 6-times Ukrainian champion

Dmitrij Bogatskij

The match will start on Saturday, December, 17 at 1.30 PM Moscow time (GMT+3)
Time control is 2 hours +20 stones/per 10 min byoyomi, 6.5 points komi
The prize fund is $1500, The winner will get $900.
We’ll publish some photos and the game commentary by A.Dinerchtein in few days after the event.
Enjoy the broadcast!

The most interesting games from the “Master Go” tournament

Here you can find the most interesting games from the “Master Go” tournament – Master Go site.

The «MASTER GO» tournament on KGS

The «MASTER GO» tournament will start on KGS server.

20(Sun)-26(Sat)-27(Sun) November.
MASTER room.
6 rounds. 2 rounds each playing day, McMahon system, time setting 1 hour + 30sec x 5.
Rounds starts at 14:00 and 19:00 (Moscow time).

Prizes — total 300 $.
1st place — 120$, 2nd place — 80$, 3rd and 4th places — 50$ each (payment can be done by Paypal).
Director and referee — Rustam Sakhabutdinov.
Sponsor — Igor Grishin, the President of the Go Federation (Moscow, Russia).

Please, specify your registration info: your first and last name, nickname on KGS, rank and (optional) your country. The committee reserves the right to deny participation in the tournament if the provided information is incorrect.


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