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StayHome and sort out your stuff WithMe

No matter how old you are
Old man or child
Decide for yourself what motivates you to move
It could be anything
The main thing is to motivate yourself
Let your whole body participate in the movement
Let yourself to feel the music
Let yourself to dance
let the body warm up
Then your body will tell you
«I want to live on!»
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Breathing exercises to prevent from corona virus

These exercises develop the chest muscles.
These movements ventilate the lungs.
These exercises promote circulation in the lungs.
The circulation of the lungs protects them from bacteria and viruses.
Micro-movements tone the entire body well.
Hand movements in the open air are especially useful.
Movement is life!

Strength & Flexibility


Usually exercises for strengthening the wrist are suggested to be done with an empty hand, holding nothing.
But an empty hand is not effective for these purposes
Let’s see how the hand with the sword of the rapidly developing mobility and wrist strength
Because the sword lengthens the arm
Let’s turn the sword hilt ahead
We see a sharp loss in the effectiveness of the exercise
Compare again
Let’s move the sword forward again
The wrist works much better
Its strength and mobility are increasing!