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Chin-San Go qualification started in Moscow

Russian Chin-San rating system is worked out by Russian Go and Strategy School. Like in Japan where there are kyu and dan, and Chinese chi and tuan, in Russia we adopted Chin and San rate.

Russian words Chin and San have a very deep sense. “Chin” means: rank, grade, to begin, to repair, officially. “San” means the rank of nobles (like “lord” or “marquis”) and priests. Russian system has a principal difference from the usual rating system. The ranks of our system are awarded only after qualification procedure (10 games with the strongest Go Masters).

Russian Go and Strategy School, children division

Moscow Go club on TV.

Here you can watch the video about Moscow Go-club for businessmen.

A big TV-programme about Go-clubs in Russia

You can watch a big programme about Moscow Go-clubs and amateurs on the 18-th of March at 13.10 (Moscow time. London: 10.10, New-York: 5.10) and 19-th of March at 21.30 (Moscow time. London: 18.30, New-York: 13.30). You can also watch it online at O2 TV website.

The TV programme contains some information about famous Go and Strategy Club, and a broad interview with Igor Grishin (the President of the Go Federation) and Efim Ostrovsky (the leader of the club).