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Playing in the mountains again

I-Go in mountains. Igor Grishin, Konstantin Voznikov. Crimea, 12-05-2008.

I-Go in mountains. Igor Grishin, Konstantin Voznikov. Crimea, 12-05-2008

Picture by Irina Chukomina

Master Poong-Jho Chun visited Moscow Go & Strategy Club

Mr. Poong-Jho Chun, 8p from Korea, came to Russia in April 2008. He visited “Go & Strategy Club” in Moscow on May, 1. He is well known to Russian players due to his Baduk promotional activities.

During this visit the several issues were discussed. One of them was the decrease of the number of children who play Go in Korea. Another topic was comparison of Japanese, Chinese and Korean Go; furthermore, an outlook on the situation about the game in these countries and the role of Go universities.

Mr. Poong-Jho Chun highlighted that people should not approach Go simply as a board game. According to his opinion Go can be rather compared to an art rather than technics, and a good attitude to Go is to get its deeper meaning.

Mr. Poong-Jho Chun, 8p

On the photo, from the left to the right:
Sitting: Mr. Igor Grishin, Mr. Poong-Jho Chun, Mr. Efim Ostrovsky
Standing: Mr. Markus Krupp, Mr. Mikhail Emelianov