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BadukMovies, weekly screencast

badukmoviesIn March 2012 Peter Brouwer 6D and Kim Ouweleen 4D (NL) set up a website: So far they have published more than 30 baduk videos. Every Monday they publish a new episode. The videos are short, about 10 minutes, and cover all kinds of topics: josekis, fuseki, professional players, tesujis, trick plays etc. There is even bonus material, they collect beautiful moves of professionals in their “Baduk Gems” section. What’s more, you can download or browse through their extensive collection of over 48.000 pro games. Definitely worth a look!

Chin-San Qualification at Moscow Education On-line

Department for Go and Strategy holds an assessment using Chin-San system in Holiday Inn Sokolniki.

MOSCOW Education Online 2011 Exhibitionvisitors may pass the test composed of the most ancient Chinese games those lived so far.

The problems are composed by the staff of the Russian school for Go and Strategy. We invite you to go through the assessment and have a certificate of the game knowledge.



Festival of Go started in Ruyan

the first round: Alsu vs Georgiy

A Festival of Go opens today on the bank of the Ob River. This festival will take place in Ruyan, a city projected by “Expedition” company. It will extend for four days. There are a lot of events planned in the festival programme, the main of which is a Tournament of Cities. Five ladies and five men have been selected by the Organizing Committee to participate in the festival. These participants are from different cities – Kazan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Rostov, and even from Sevastopol.

all our team

The idea of Tournament belongs to Igor Grishin, a president of Go Federation in Russia. Hopefully this tournament will become regular and new cities will join it.

camp of the festival and tournament place

The festival of Go is a part of a big Ruyan festival organized by “Expedition”. So more than 300 people will come together on the bank of the Siberian river.

Ruslan Dmitriev (6D), champion of Russia vs champion of Guandou province (China)

The Go-program will not be limited by a tournament, but also will contain a master-class on Strategic Go given by Igor Grishin. Also the participants of the tournament will train everybody who is interested in game of Go.

lesson for guests of the festival

We express gratitude to the members of “Expedition” company for their help in organizing of Festival of Go in Ruyan.

Igor Grishin's workshop about developin Go in russian regions

List of the Russian Internet sites concerning Go game

Igor Grishin: Timur, let’s give a list of the Internet sites, that can be useful for beginners and strong players or will help them to find answers to the questions we haven’t looked through here.

Timur Saitov: Ok, here are some websites in Russian:

The game of Go for beginners
Russian Go portal
Go Forum
Go in Korea
FAQ on the game of Go
Go teaches us to see
Go Federation News
Classic Go in Diagrams
Images of Go
Go kindergarten
Dances on Goban
Jokes from the Master of Go
The Go Federation
Snail slowly climb up the hill of stones
the game of Go and Tea club where you can play the game

Wish you all the best success in mastering the wisdom of the game of Go. Wish you success in the path of Go.

Igor Grishin visited China

The visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to China was at the same time when the President of The Go Federation Igor Grishin made his visit to this country.

You can find new photos from China Go trip and Ms. March at the Go Gallery.




The Classic of Weiqi in Thirteen Chapters was written by Zhang Ni 27 during the Huangyou period (1049-1054 A.D.) of the Song dynasty.

Zuozhuan stated: “To stuff oneself with food all day without worrying about anything is difficult indeed! But what about weiqi players then? it is better to be one of them than to do nothing!”28.

In his Xinlun, Huan Tan wrote: “There is now a game called weiqi, concerning which some say that it is a kind of simulation of war. The skilful player, fully cognisant of its configurations, places his pieces so as to encircle those of his opponent and thus win. The average player, although he aims at gaining advantages, can isolate his adversary. Therefore, whether he wins or loses, he must always be attentive and circumspect, and must also carefully calculate and evaluate in order to be certain of winning. The inexpert player, although able to defend sides and corners, moves in small areas, limiting himself simply to surviving in small portions of territory”29. Since the period of the Springs and Autumns all ages have had players of these categories, so that the Way of weiqi has always prospered. The most important problems dealing with victory and defeat, divided into thirteen chapters, are now examined. Extracts from Sunzi Bingfa have sometimes been inserted in the text.


Congratulations on the 8th of March Day

The Go Federation congratulates all women on the 8-th of March Day! We wish you a lot of happiness, love and Go victories!

Go and women in Russia

Strategic Go workshop in Hurgada 2006

A big Strategic Go workshop for Faberlic company staff was held in Hurgada (Egypt) by Go Masters Igor Grishin and Mikhail Emelyanov.

Go seminar

Photos from Strategic Go seminar

The Large Master Go Tournament

Next series of the famous online tournament will start on January, 14. The Prize fund is 500$.

More details on the Master Go tournament site

Go is everywhere

Go in Russia for people.











We in Manga!!!


Go & girls