Go game as a common practice for hi-tech intellectuals

We know that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg play Go game. In fact it’s a common thing in the USA for intellectual people especially in tech field know how to play Go. It’s very differenet from Europe and Russia. European Go is very closed. Go game community doesn’t connect to other inellectual communites. And it seems like marginal eastern practice. That’s why I was impressed when I was in TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisko where I represented Go and Strategy demartment of Sinergy University. Visitors just came and started to play and explained others how to play Go. It seemed that it was not the biggest event for tech startups but event for amateures of intellectual games.

Have a look on the video the woman who sees Go the first time. She doesn’t see Go field – matrix. She puts stones on the board as if board doesn’t have any crossroads. People ask me why I focus on explaining what is Go matrix, lines and crossroads in my seminars about Go game rules. In fact people don’t see crossroads, they see squares or even just wood. Go teaches to see but at first we need learn to look.

Igor Grishin

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