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Go board for Bill Gates

Few questions from the future interview in Goama magazine with Hirotaka Kuroki, the manager of the biggest company in Japan, creating Go equipment (gobans, stones, bowls, etc) What was the most expensive goban, sold by your company? Who bought it? … Continue reading

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Go Game as a medium of self-development

“Go is a powerful mind catalyst not only for knowledge workers but for any person interested in self development” — a conceptual standpoint on Go by Dennis Olevanov, a business consultant of international IT company and a student of the … Continue reading

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Go workshop for Snob

In January 2011 Igor Grishin and Mikhail Emelyanov held a Go game workshop for Snob magazine. “Snob is an international project and a one-of-kind social medium for people, who live in various countries around the world, speak various languages but … Continue reading

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World Order and Disorder

MILDBERRY INSPIRATION hosted Igor Grishin, a public figure, writer, publisher and teacher at Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. Grishin is also the president of Go Federation and the leader of Russian School of Go and Strategy. Igor explained us how … Continue reading

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About Go Game School

Dmitriy Shorikov has been studying Go at our school since the last year. He is one of our promising pupils as he progresses really fast. Now he is going to Canada where he will continue his studies at local school.

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New Moves

I pondered on translating my book into Russian, but now I think it’s not necessary. Even in English we sold more than 20 copies of the book in Moscow during the first few months after its release. We would rather … Continue reading

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Alexandre Dinerchtein 3P won his first Russian Championship. Playing in Russian Championships for the first time in several years, Dinerchtein swept the tournament with a perfect 7-0 score. Ilya Shikshin was the second with 6-1 and will represent Russia in … Continue reading

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Russian Go photos won the All About Go Gallery Contest

We congratulate photographer Andrey Gubenko and his artwork: The winner of another category “Go Art Series” is Corey McQuarters with his works like this: Special thanks to A. Dinerchtein. More information about All About Go Gallery Contest

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Go class at Pavlovo School

Pavlovo School is a modern private school, situated in the outskirts of Moscow. Since this year Russian Go and Strategy School has launched Mikhail Emelyanov Go class for pupils of it. Danila, has previously attended a Go class Artem The … Continue reading

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Igor Grishin’s Birthday Party at Russian Go and Strategy School

Markus (2 dan) and Ruslan Dmitriev (6 dan) playing Go Last Igor Grishin’s book “9 Gracefull solutions”, brought by vice-president Andrey Goryachkin Guests near school house The birthday pie Ruslan Dmitriev wearing a Go Master’s suit A table for presents … Continue reading

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