Festival of Go started in Ruyan

the first round: Alsu vs Georgiy

A Festival of Go opens today on the bank of the Ob River. This festival will take place in Ruyan, a city projected by “Expedition” company. It will extend for four days. There are a lot of events planned in the festival programme, the main of which is a Tournament of Cities. Five ladies and five men have been selected by the Organizing Committee to participate in the festival. These participants are from different cities – Kazan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Rostov, and even from Sevastopol.

all our team

The idea of Tournament belongs to Igor Grishin, a president of Go Federation in Russia. Hopefully this tournament will become regular and new cities will join it.

camp of the festival and tournament place

The festival of Go is a part of a big Ruyan festival organized by “Expedition”. So more than 300 people will come together on the bank of the Siberian river.

Ruslan Dmitriev (6D), champion of Russia vs champion of Guandou province (China)

The Go-program will not be limited by a tournament, but also will contain a master-class on Strategic Go given by Igor Grishin. Also the participants of the tournament will train everybody who is interested in game of Go.

lesson for guests of the festival

We express gratitude to the members of “Expedition” company for their help in organizing of Festival of Go in Ruyan.

Igor Grishin's workshop about developin Go in russian regions

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