The European Go-congress-2014: Anyway I congratulate Romania on a victory!

The Go-congress 2014 will be held in Sinai, Romania. We asked Igor Grishin’s opinion on failure of Russia candidature.

Igor Grishin at Russian - Mongolian tournament in Ulan Bator.

Igor Grishin: To win, it is necessary to offer the best game conditions, to admit possible faults. I believe there is nothing terrible in it. Defeats teach us much more. I consider that Romania is quite a good rival to Petersburg. There are obvious advantages there. First is the warm sea. Secondly, a normal cuisine. Thirdly, the level of organization of Romanian Go Federation exceeds greatly the level of organization of the Russian Federation Go (baduk), responsible for making the application. Also, hotel “S.-Petersburg” is not the best place for hosting the European Go Congress. And the previous venue in Petersburg, so-called “washer”, is inadmissible. There are many interesting cities in Russia. Why can’t it be Yekaterinburg or Tolyatti that hosted this year a 3-months Go game festival? It is necessary to “change a plate”, to show to European and Asian visitors new places, unknown to them. Anyway I congratulate Romania on their victory!

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