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Igor Grishin for the Bulgarian Go Association

Igor Grishin for the Bulgarian Go Association “Go in Bulgaria – Russian Opinion”

When I think of my Bulgaria I become strong and calm. A quiet and mighty Slavonic country. Handsome people with nice characters. A brilliant location combines such extraordinary natural objects as the sea, the mountains and one of the greatest world rivers. Bulgaria has an ideal, almost round form. Its nature is preserved in its first-born beauty. The Gardens, forests and vineyards.

If I were a Bulgarian and lived in my country, what would I do in my life? Of course, I would build a house. It doesn’t matter whether on the sea shore or on the Danube bank, in mountains or forests. I would build the most beautiful house in Bulgarian style and I would live there with one of the most beautiful women from one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Bulgarian women are swarthy, with black hair; their eyes are dark like a night sky. Their legs are thin, their calves are strong and their breasts are the breasts of real Bulgarian women. My wife would give birth to a lot of my kids. And what would I do? I would sit in my garden, contemplate and have fun. There would be a lot of guests, my friends. We would have dinner, drink wine, eat flat cakes and fried meat. All my guests would look at my wife and compliment her for being nice, zealous, thoughtful for guests, respectful to her husband and strict to her children. And at night we would go for a walk. I would know each path in our mountains. I would read each book written by Bulgarian authors. I would build the second house and lease it for summer, autumn, winter and spring. There would live very nice people from every corner of Europe, because I would explain them why it is worth coming to our country and what is so special about it.

Besides, I would play Go! Why Go? Maybe we, the Bulgarian, have nothing to do? Of course, we have. But the Bulgarian are very special people. We have time for many things, including the most complicated practices of the world arts. We don’t waste time. We don’t drink vodka and take drugs. We don’t need it. We don’t have to cross long distances, we have everything at hand, like people in Japan. We have wonderful air and fertile soil. We honor old people and our women know real men. Our country is a country of traditions, including religious ones. We are sure of our country that is why we have time for getting the knowledge other nations have elaborated. Go is one of the most complicated games. It helped me to see my Bulgaria and find my place in it. It was Go, that helped me to feel the strategy of my nation and my motherland.

Come to me. We will sit in the garden and talk, until the stars start sparkling. My wife will bring tea, flat cakes, cheese and fried meat. We’ll talk not only about Go, but about everything we want. We’ll just talk to each other.

From International Goe Newsletter «Goama»