Daily Archives: 11.06.2006

List of the Russian Internet sites concerning Go game

Igor Grishin: Timur, let’s give a list of the Internet sites, that can be useful for beginners and strong players or will help them to find answers to the questions we haven’t looked through here.

Timur Saitov: Ok, here are some websites in Russian:

The game of Go for beginners
Russian Go portal
Go Forum
Go in Korea
FAQ on the game of Go
Go teaches us to see
Go Federation News
Classic Go in Diagrams
Images of Go
Go kindergarten
Dances on Goban
Jokes from the Master of Go
The Go Federation
Snail slowly climb up the hill of stones
the game of Go and Tea club where you can play the game

Wish you all the best success in mastering the wisdom of the game of Go. Wish you success in the path of Go.