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Mr. Chun, the master of Baduk, in Russia

Mr. Chun is a 8 pro dan Baduk from Sourth Korea.

Go Game, Mr Chun, 8 pro dan from Korea, on Russian tournament

He contributed a lot to Go development in Russia.

Mr. Chun often came to Russia and taught Russians how to organize tournaments, to teach children, and how to play Go.

I met Master Chun in Kazan during a tournament for children, organized by him and his friend. Mr. Chun spent a lot of time with children, he reviewed their games and taught them how to play Go.

Thanks for Mr. Chun, Alexandre Dinerchtein and Svetlana Shikshina went to Korea to study Go. And now both of them have 1 pro dan.

All Go fans from Russia say “Thanks a lot!” for Mr. Chun.

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The first Russian Go-Book for beginners

We congratulate the authors – Igor Grishin, the President of the Go Federation, Mikhail Emelyanov and Andrey Stepanov on this great event. The first Russian Go-book for begginers is published. It is named «Think and Win. Go Game for Beginners». It was edited in cooperation with City-Class company, that organizes courses in Moscow for all people. In this book there is the full Go theory, more than 400 diagrams and 300 pages of texts. Alexandre Dinerchtein, 1 pro dan, recommend it for all who want to study Go and learn a lot about history and culture of this ancient game. The authors are planning to translate it into English to give European fans of Go an opportunity to read this perfect book.

Russian Go Game book for beginners

5000 copies of the book were published.