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Russian Go Championship 2005

Here are the photos and results from Russian Go Championship 2005

Dmitry Bogatsky - left, Alexander Dinershtein - right; Tatyana Grishina - Irina Shimanskaya; Efim Ostrovsky - Aleksey Nechaev

Hall of Professionals - Bogatsky - Dinershtein

Winner Bogatsky - left

More photos at the Go Gallery

Winner of the Hall of professionals – Dmitry Bogatsky.
Winner of the Hall of female Go – Tatyana Grishina.
Winner of the Hall of Masters of strategy – Efim Ostrovsky.
Winner of the Hall of Teachers and instructors – Igor Grishin.
Winner of the Hall of Go amateurs – Ruslan Dmitriev.

The Championship was held at “Dzungo” restaurant, Moscow 17.12.2005.