Daily Archives: 20.11.2005


Dear friends!

I am glad to report that our Federation became the leader of Go promotion in Russia. Our aim is to help people play Go, seek and find the game mastery.
The aim of the game of Go is to divide the board between the black and the white. The aim of Go itself is to make a person raise his eyes from the board. A real master of Go is the one who left the scope of the game. Beyond the scope of the game, beyond the scope of outcome. It is there, outside the gameboard, where Go starts to manifest its virtues. Go teaches us to see and to think. The vision means new degrees of perception. To think is to give birth to new ideas. Ideas that become real.

Igor Grishin, the President of the Go Federation (Moscow, Russia)

Dear friends!

The development of the Internet affects increasingly on the development of our society. Many possibilities, which were previously unthinkable, became accessible due to the worldwide network. Despite the fact that Go is the creation of the strategists of the past, it is very similar to our contemporary world. The cobweb of the Internet, similar to grid of the Go playing field, connects world information space. The evolution of information technologies is important for the whole development of Russia. The urgency of this question is confirmed by creation of NP (non-commercial partnership) «Electronic Region» in the Volga federal region of the Russian Federation, and our Go Federation is the part of it.

I consider that in future the role of Internet tournaments will rise, they will become the necessary part of the Go-world — including professional sphere. Therefore the development of this direction is important for the Go Federation, we will exert all efforts so that these tournaments would be as interesting as possible.

I wish you sport success and new victories!

Dmitriy Donskov, the vice President of the Go Federation (Moscow, Russia)