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About us

The president of The Go Federation – Grishin Igor A.,
Addresse: Russia, 127221, Moscow, p.o. 49, Grishinu I.A.,
Е-mail: go@weiqi.ru; igor@weiqi.ru

The Vice-president – Emelyanov Mikhail G.,
Е-mail: tuan@weiqi.ru,

The Internet resources of the Go Federation are: www.weiqi.ru, www.goama.ru, www.badyk.ru.

Russian Go in photos and video

Some photos from the last All-Russian Go Congress KONISHI 2004

Our Federation makes a lot for our children: “Our future is our children”

game go in Russia, Go Federation of Russia, Go tournament, Russia Go club

Mr. Lee Hyouk 7 dan vs Mr. Alexandre Dinerchtein 1p

game go in Russia, Go Federation of Russia, Go tournament, Russia Go club

Miss Svetlana Shikhina 1p – a very good friend of our Go club “Voskhojdenie” – with a Go fan from Moscow

game go in Russia, Go Federation of Russia, Go tournament, Russia Go club

Many participants and winners…

game go in Russia, Go Federation of Russia, Go tournament, Russia Go club

More photos at the Go gallery

The Manifest of The Go Federation

Dear Friends!

Last years Russian Go has experienced the great rise. More new people are interested in this remarkable game in our country especially in such big city as Moscow; the game of Go becomes very popular. Despite of some difficulties that encompassed Russia during the previous years, it was possible for us not only to keep love to Go in the hearts, but also to embody it in real business. And now we can say with confidence, that Moscow becomes the center of all Russian Go-movement. Now fans of the game from Moscow are ready to develop it not only in the city, but also in all our country. We have all the opportunities for this purpose, including support from the Russian government.
21 centuries – the time of reason, therefore Russia, and especially Moscow, seriously realize the importance of this intellectual game in the development of mankind. Established in Moscow with the help of all amateurs of game the Go Federation successfully functions in the field of Go development. The tournaments and competitions on local and all-Russian scale are regularly held. The huge attention in Moscow is given to development of children Go. Here in Russia we understand, how it is important to bring up children, acquaint them with the riches of the Eastern culture, next and close to us, give our children all-round and qualitative education, where the important role is played devoted to intelligence development.

Dear Friends! Now it is time to adjust warm and friendly ties between Go-community of your country and fans from Moscow and Russia. Moscow is always glad to welcome all fans of Go. The Go-movement of Russia is a part of the world Go-movement, the fans of Go in Moscow feel like being a part of many millions of Go in Asia, Europe and other countries of the world. We are ready to accept new friends from any country to our competitions and tournaments. Having a wide experience of cooperation with various organizations in the sphere of organization and realization of Go tournaments, the Go Federation in Moscow has all opportunities to organize and hold tournaments at the European and world level.
Only by uniting our efforts worldwide, we, the fans of Go game, can really make Go the game of all 21 centuries.